New Telehealth (video conferencing) Service

Telehealth is a convenient, effective and secure way to still access physiotherapy services via a live video consultation when you are in a remote or distant location or unable to physically attend the clinic.

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, factors such as the elderly/vulnerable patients, home isolation/confinement and concerns with physical distancing still present with limitations on attendance for “face to face” physiotherapy consultations at the clinic. We would still prefer to offer Telehealth services unless the treatment, procedures or clinical needs are considered absolutely necessary and in these cases should be discussed prior to treatment with the Physiotherapist.

We provide live video assessment of your condition, discuss your rehabilitation or treatment plan, live exercise instruction and can provide exercise programs via the Physitrack/Physiapp program.

Please contact the clinic via the contact page, email or phone and we will reply and discuss how easy it is to set up your Telehealth consultation at a time that suits you.

telehealth Services